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Cuervo guitar. Built by Lou in 2008

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THEY SHOE HORSES, DON'T THEY? Acoustic duo with Nick Peachey (guitar, banjo & accordion)
playing bluegrass, blues and old time music. Sometimes expands to trio (or more) with Pete
Durgerian (Guitar, harmonica) et al. Barn dances are a speciality. Played at opening of Lewes
Guitar Festival ( July '07.

MAINTENANCE Duo with long time associate Chas Dickie (cello & keyboards, ex-Van der Graf).
Supported by Arts Council England in 1993 (with Clive Bell, shakuhachi, accordion & woodwinds)
and again in 2004 for tour of Western Gobi as part of Mongolian Roaring Hoofs Festival. Original
music and songs. Available for weddings & assorted bashes, parties etc. Often joined by Beccie
Mannall on drums as trio HIDDEN CORNWALL.

MANGOWIJI with Ben Taylor (guitar & keyboards). This serves as a nucleus for a pool of likeminded

Recorded Deep River Blues, 12 track CD (2014) with James Campbell, author of the Picador Book
of Blues and Jazz and editor at the TLS. Also 6 track CD All at Sea (2014) with resonator player
Paul Fallon.

SOLO gigs - parties, gallery openings, weddngs & festivals &c - doing mainly originals and old time
acoustic blues on guitar and piano. Regular spot at Brighton’s Green Door Store Blues nights. I
enjoy busking - no administrators, no overheads, no bullshit - and have produced 2 budget CDs -
Corvine Outreach (2011) & Fly Like A Teaset (2013) available on the street or from the contact
number/address on this site.

Writing and composing for North West-based theatre company AVANTI/ARTIZANI show “Six
Impossible Things” and touring piece RELIQUARY (2013-14)

Finished building my first guitar in September '08 (right). Model #1 of Guitarras Cuervo (reflecting
an obsession with all things Spanish) it is probably the best guitar I've ever played. It took me 200
hours to build, working as a student in the workshop of ace Lewes luthier Richard Osborne. (See
his website at Finished Cuervo #2, a Weissenborn style lap steel, in