Composer / Instrumentalist / Piano, Guitar and Spanish Teacher
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Lou Glandfield: BA comb hons (Music/English, Dartington & Exeter), Cert.Ed (Bristol), Dip.Spanish
(Brighton). Studied music with Ustad Imrat Khan & Helen Glatz.

I offer the following skills:-
Composing: Fluent in many genres and can supply music for special contexts - from a jingle to a full
length song or composition. Many BBC commissions (Radios 3 & 4) and collaborations to date.

Writing: Texts, libretti and verse. Monologues and shaggy dog stories. Frequent contributions to
Times Literary Supplement as well as BBC Radio including Loose Ends, Afternoon Shift, Home
Truths and Late Junction. Especially good at bringing together wildly unrelated topics to humorous
or satirical effect.

Teaching music: Folk, blues & other popular styles on piano & guitar, especially slide. Music
theory. Broadly, you decide what you want to do & we'll take it from there.

Teaching Spanish: including beginners, holiday and basic business. Extra tuition for GCSE & A
level / IB students.

Teaching English: General English & literature to university standard.

Acting: Co-founded award-winning IOU Theatre ('75). More than 30 years experience in European

Playing: Primarily committed to improvisation, I play keyboard and guitar, specializing in blues
piano, fingerstyle and slide guitar and lap steel. I play electric instruments but am happiest playing
real pianos and resonator guitars, both Dobro and National types. I also play several stringed
instruments including the saz (Turkish lute), Spanish lute, morin khuur (Mongolian horse-head
fiddle) and cümbüs (Turkish banjo). I'm an overtone singer, blues vocalist and general purpose
baritone. I especially like finding unusual contexts and combinations and have worked in deserts,
cathedrals and catacombs with people as diverse as John Sessions, Lol Coxhill, Allen Ginsberg
and Trevor Watts.

Lou Playing Saz
Lou playing Saz
Maintenance in Gobi Desert. Lou on cümbüs.
Maintenance in Gobi Desert.
Lou on cümbüs
Chas Dickie on 'cello
  Maintenance backstage in Mongolia
Maintenance backstage in Mongolia